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Constraint Management Diagnostic

Our TOC based diagnostic is designed to quickly assess the constraints of your organization and determine triage, as well as long term support.


The Logical Thinking Processes (Jonah Program)

Learn to think like Jonah from the bestselling business novel, The Goal.  This ten day intensive program is held on a dedicated basis only for management teams looking to learn how to apply the TOC Thinking Processes (TP) to identify root causes, develop and implement core solutions, while immunizing the future of the organization.


Critical Chain

Project Management remains one of the last save-havens for the "hidden factory" - a place where due dates are an abstraction, resources always peak loaded, and capacity swallowed.

Find out how the same scientific, common sense approach utilized for manufacturing in the book The Goal is applied to the highly chaotic discipline of multi-project management to significantly shorten lead time, free up capacity, and bring project management systems under control.


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