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Dr. Donn J. Novotny
Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Donn J. Novotny is Chief Executive Officer of The Goal Institute (TGI).  He founded TGI after a 16 year tenure as a founding partner of the Avraham Y. Goldratt Institute, founded by Dr. Eli Goldratt, author of the book The Goal.  The Goal concepts have since evolved into the body of knowledge known as The Theory of Constraints, which is the formulation of an overall approach for managing an organization.  Dr. Novotny is involved in the development, dissemination and application of the many powerful solutions have been been derived from this approach.

Dr. Novotny has lectured at many prestigious university in North and South America and TGI programs have been incorporated into many of the curriculums.  He also serves on the Education Task Force for the American Chamber of Commerce in Mexico as well as the advisory council for many other universities.

Industry has prospered as well with many of the companies in The Americas attributing their success to the practical application of the Theory of Constraints by Dr. Novotny to enhance delivery performance and supply chain issues as well as blend in with other techniques such as Lean, JIT, and TPS.  Many Fortune 100 companies are among this clients, including General Motors, DaimlerChrysler, Ford, and Lucent Technologies.

Dr. Novotny's background includes extensive experience in industry as a consultant and executive as well as faculty appointments at Purdue, Wharton and the University of Notre Dame.  Simulation, network scheduling, and materials management have been the focus of his research and his work was instrumental in the development of many finite scheduling systems.  His current research efforts are devoted to the need to identify and resolve the strategic constraints of supply chains.  Only then can the tactical constraints necessary to support good strategies by properly addressed.

William E. Hoefle
EVP - Global Solutions

William Hoefle co-found The Goal Institute (TGI) after ten years with the Avraham Y. Goldratt Institute, founded by Dr. Eli Goldratt, author of the book The Goal.

Mr. Hoefle's work today includes the application of the Theory of Constraints on both a strategic and tactical level to improve the performance of organizations.  He is expert in the application and teaching of the Theory of Constraints Thinking Process, and works with organizations in industries as diverse as software and media development, automotive, office systems, banking, communications, space & intelligence and oil & gas.

While he works in multiple areas, his primary focus has been on leading the implementation of enterprise-wide solutions (thoughtware and software) for the management of complex, new product development organizations, and his work has been instrumental in the architecture and evolution of constraint-based Development Chain Management systems (portfolio management - pipeline management - project management).

Mr. Hoefle's clients include Seagate Technologies, Herman Miller, Harris Corporation, Boeing Space & Intelligence, Eaton Corporation, Medtronic and many others.

Mr. Hoefle is also the Managing Director of Alex Rogo Ventures, the wholly owned turn-around and venture capital advising division of TGI.  He has held associate and faculty positions in accounting and organizational behavior at Indiana University, is a member of the Turnaround Management Association, the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, and APICS, and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance as well as an MBA from Indiana University.  He also serves on the Advisory Board of several companies.

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